Spring break Florida, United States

Spring break in Florida, United States is one the Locations of the American spring break parties. Panama City Beach is the place where currently the most “Spring Breaker” meet. Directly followed by places such as Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale, where another party where willing US students and guests from all over the world arrive. Some years ago, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona Beach were to the Top Locations for spring break parties. However, local authorities adopted regulations with which the celebration was limited. This was due to damage, which were left behind by the Party People. So Hot Driving of the spring break parties is today mostly focused on Panama City Beach.
Florida is known as the Sunshine State of the United States and is located in the Southeast of the United States. Actually Prudish Americans regularly “pig out” in the time of spring break. They use the time to party without end and know almost no limits to Flirting and the self-portrayal. Here on the beach though, you would need to wear enough lotion on your skin because of the temperatures, to avoid skin burn. Alcohol flows freely here and contributes its part to the Party Excesses. A lot happens here and thats the reason more and more guests from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland visit the spring break Florida to party together with the Americans.

200,000 Students Celebrate Spring Break in Florida

The spring break parties in the United States take place mainly in the period from late February until about mid-April. Spring break is what can generally be described as spring break for Students and Students of U.S. colleges and universities. You save all year to thoroughly enjoy this event. To the Spring Break parties in the various places in Florida are far more than 200,000 Students and Students expected.

Top 10 insider tips for the spring break Florida, United States

  1. For guests from Germany, Austria or the Switzerland it is advisable read about the breaks well before the spring, to keep an eye out for suitable accommodation.
  2. To be able to use your mobile phone in the United States, you need a tri-band phone. The U.S. mobile networks have 1900 MHz.
  3. Another tip on cell phone, for the United States tourists SIM offered cards, which make cheaper calling within the United States.
  4. Just for the time of spring break in the United States the travel should be booked early on.
  5. For entry into the United States, you will need the new passport with current photo and fingerprint. Remember to come early before departure.
  6. Guys, take care that you Beach any narrow or short trunks pulls in. This is seen in the United States partly as a “Homo”. 
  7. In the entire United States, both the purchase of alcohol and consumption are allowed for people of 21 years of age and above, so proof of age will be asked often whenever you want to purchase alcohol. In addition, the consumption of alcohol in public is prohibited. (Trick: brown paper bags to cover the bottles)
  8. It is necessary to get a suitable sun protection for your skin, because the sun burns mercilessly and a sunburn can spoil the party mood.
  9. As everywhere where many people come together, break in Florida also applies to the spring, so watch out for thieves. Take only what you absolutely need to the parties.
  10. Get informed about the import regulations in case you would want to come into the country with electronic and stuff, and in such case, make sure you come along with the items receipts for proof of ownership.

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How to get to the spring break Florida, United States

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