Spring break Europe in Croatia

Spring-Break-Europe-2012 The city of Umag in Croatia is where the Spring Break Europe 2014 took place from 6th to 9th June, replacing  Rovinj and Poreč where the previous spring break Europe took place. Unlike the spring break of the United States which take place from February up to the middle of April at different places, the one of Croatia take place around late spring.

The term “Spring Break” means nothing more than spring break and a designated one or two-week study break, which is placed at U.S. Colleges and Universities.
Similarly the students in America and European Students use spring break to host the probably best Parties of their lives at the time. Spring break Europe 2011, 12,000 young Europeans and Europeans in Croatia gathered and celebrated the Hottest Parties of the spring. Besides the hippest DJs available, there were also tons of alcoholic drinks, hot young men and women, as well as other wildest excesses that were the ingredients for the four-day spring break Europe 2014 in Croatia. To get good and cheap accommodation for this time, it is advisable to book the journey in advance.

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Date: 6 – 9 June 2014| Attention: Limited ticket allotment! [/ box]

15,000 Party Happy Guests

Spring break Europe in Croatia is a big party that is celebrated in various Hotspots. The Central hot spot of Polynesia is considered Party Centre, as well as the Resort Kanegra, the three vessels of the party. This year, the Cruise Missile Croatia will be one of the top locations. The hottest parties will be here again this year, however, things come up spontaneously and degenerate into wild excesses. Overall, some 15,000 party happy guests are expected to at this year’s spring break in Croatia.



These bands & artists play in the spring break Europe 2014

So far, there are commitments from the following DJs & groups for the spring break Europe in Croatia:

  • DJ Nicky Romero & Martin Garrix
  • Mashup-Germany
  • [More followers are listed on the Web page of the Organizer]

There’s also a band contest for young bands in addition to the official bands!!

Top 10 Insider Tips For The Spring Break Europe in Croatia

  1. When travelling by bus or train, it is advisable to bring enough party food. Because that’s where the party starts.
  2. Don’t forget the camera! While the parties make great snapshots, images shouldn’t be let to waste, if not for anything, bring cameras for the sake of the Miss wet T-shirt contest.
  3. Don’t forget sporty and lightweight clothing. The party breaks in volleyball, soccer or water sports.
  4. The currency of Croatia is the Kuna. The currency in Croatia is generally cheaper than in Germany. One euro is equivalent to approximately 7.5 Kuna, the exact course but depending on the day.
  5. You can exchange Euro in banks, exchange offices, campsites or in many hotels during the spring. At ATMs, the sum for withdrawal is regulated differently. We have the place between 1600 and 2,500 Kuna can withdraw.
  6. Make sure you know the exchange rates of euro as against the Kuna, to make sure you get your money’s worth every time you transact business.
  7. If you want to rent a car, you must be at least 21 years old and must have a valid driver’s license.
  8. If you arrive with your own car it is advisable prior to departure at the insurance company to ask whether a partial cover insurance or CDW protection also applies to Croatia and to make a commitment for the stay period.
  9. The hottest party venues include the three party ships of cruise missile Croatia Party fleet. Book in advance to get a spot.
  10. Visit the peninsula that the party is hosted, where again the hottest guys and girls will be found. Flirting and party till you drop for everyone.

Party pictures from spring break Europe



Spring Break Europe 2014 – offizieller Trailer

Spring Break Europe 2013 Aftermovie

How to get to the spring break Europe to Croatia

Arrival by train

This year break party trains, will start from Hamburg and Münster. A total of 30 trains are available from both Germany and Austria. (The trains provide several disco wagons. So the spring break start on transit.)

Arrival by bus

More than 100 party buses start spring break Europe in Croatia. Experience has shown that if you arrive by bus at Umag in Croatia, the parties start already during the arrival.

Here tickets for SPRING BREAK EUROPE 2014 online book / reserve >> Date: 6-9 June, 2014. Attention: Limited ticket allotment! [/ box]
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