The lively Amsterdam Dance event

Amsterdam festival is a five day industrial event that is scattered among 115 reputed venues in the Netherlands capital city. The festival justifies some of the big names in the electronic club internationally and the underground artists of all the time. The event takes place in the month of October and it involves as many as 450 conference and other events for the peoples entertainment with 2,200 DJ’s. The day starts with the conferences and the presentations and ends with the DJ nights for all the days of the event.

ADE has three primary parts of this festival in the form of the festival, conference and the playground. The festival segment attracts almost 3,50,000 visitors from around the globe for the event as this is truly the biggest club festival in the world. The numbers of people who attend the conference are around 5,000 and the ones who are here in the playground are unlimited. The program breaks has many categories that are deeply covered into different music genres in the music and technology which is sustainable and ecological in nature.

The programs break down into categories that cover deeper insight into the harder music genres, the relationship between music and technology, and sustainable, ecologically responsible practices for the global dance music industry. The conference is open to anyone with a one-day or five-day pass and spread across six different themed programs:

The following are some of the themes of the Event:

  • ADE Pro (the main conference)
  • ADE Green (a dedicated conference focusing on sustainability)
  • Hard Dance Event (ADE’s conference focused on the harder styles in dance music)
  • ADE Next (a conference for up-and-coming DJs and producers)
  • ADE Tech (covering startups and tech trends in the world of electronic music)
  • ADE University (a select group of students and young professionals who get to learn from industry professionals)


The event began in the year 1996 during the early dates of the conference which was attended by about 300 delegated across the world with 30 DJ’s. It used to happen at the famous  De Balie, a theatre, centre for politics and cultural hub. Today, the event spans across a whopping 115 venues over five days with numerous venues in Amsterdam take part, including art house café club.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2016

Amsterdam Dance Event is out this year from Oct 19 – 23, over a  large and small music venues, as well as cafes, art galleries, cinemas, and clothing shops all over Amsterdam, Netherlands.


 Tickets for events are sold individually (usually for about €15) and separate from the conference ticket packages as well.



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