Brixton Splash, London

The Splash Festival

The Brixton Splash is a local community organization organized by the locals for the betterment of the locals. The activities of the organization transcends just the popular free street carnival to helping the the less privileged in the community. The organization kicks its outreach program into action once the one day festival ends and the outreach aims to help the disadvantaged members of the local community the best ways possible. Even during the Festival, any money raised goes back into the activities of the outreach as well as organizing for the next year’s festival. Its sort of a self sustaining organization but they also welcome sponsors. 


History Of The Brixton Splash

The Splash started by the leaders in the community as a means to repair the bad reputation the Brixton community has as well as help mend the disunited locals. The Festival was founded in 2005 and the organizers and leaders were inspired and motivated by past street parties held in the same area. The original idea was to have a sound system party. The Festival has really thrown the community into limelight and the idea of the founding members which was to fight against the bad reputation the community has. This is the reason the motto ‘From Infamous to Famous’ was adopted. The festival has in a way become a party destination in London, because of the kind of fun that could be had there, and since the local community as of the Caribbean descent, a lot of activities performed in the Festival are done in the ways of the Caribbeans. The music, the food, the dance and all other things, even the Carnival is celebrated always on the first Sunday of August which ties with the Independence Day of the Jamaicans.Brixton

Celebrating The Community Diversity With Brixton

The Brixton Carnival was founded originally to help encourage peaceful living and coexistence, and even today the program still helps integrate the pure breeds of Brixton and visitors hoping to come and explore the community. For this reason, Brixton is currently a popular party destination in London if you happen to be in the area by that time of the year. The Carnival has also played a big part in the growth of the local businesses and street entrepreneurship 


What To Expect At The Brixton Splash Carnival

  • Food – There are lots of Stalls along the Brixton Streets serving some great Caribbean foods, but have in mind that its not free but its cheap and affordable.
  • Craft Market – Some nice craft works are sold at subsidized rates and opportunities are also given to those who have some art works to sell too.
  • Stage Performances for dance, comedy & song artists – The local upcoming artists are given the opportunity to shine, so those who are interested can come and perform and show their talents. So, the carnival is not complete if the music and dance performances havent been done at Windrush Square.
  • Sound Systems are ever blazing at the venue of the Carnival.
  • Youth who arent employed and arent schooling are provided with the opportunity to be trained in various outdoor events which include event delivery, stewarding as well as media and public relations.

The Brixton Splash aside from been a party destination for fun seekers, is also a place where opportunities present themselves, opportunities in Trade, craftsmanship, Catering and many more. Come for fun, come for opportunities, come to the Brixton Splash Carnival.









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