Austin City Limits Festival

Austin city limits festival is celebrated in every year in the Austin’s public available green spaces. The annual celebration will comprise of the Pop, rock and jazz music and attracts famous singers worldwide like Arcade Fire, Florence, The Machine and Jack Johnson. The city has a specialty of liberalism and conservation and ACL promoted the city’s unique status by this sustainable and green festival.

The Austin City Limits Festival attracts  about 75,000 attendees a day, and is extremely well organised as there is no service charge for the tickets sold and the performances start and finish on time as per the schedule. One can get an affordable beer and food without waiting in the line and missing the actual acts on the stage as well. Austin resembles the music capital of the globe as when you listen the range of music’s that is played in the concert. It displays the city’s unique nature through the green and sustainable initiatives that are being encouraged in the festival premises.

ACL offers multiple stages and activities in total with amazing events that are lined up for the schedule of the performances. The rock music is definitely the heart of the festival as it is performed by the world renowned Rock singers back to back .The Strokes and the band if you are at this place you will really enjoy it to the larger extent.


The festival is organised by the Austin based company C3 resents which calso produces the Lollapalooza in many areas. They are inspired nu the PBS concert series that is conduted by the same company in many parts of the Austin.

Austin City Limits Festival 2016

The Austin City Limits Festival proves that everything in Texas is indeed bigger, including the music festivals .The dates that are scheduled for tis year are Sep 30 – Oct 2, 2016 and Oct 7 – 9, 2016 at  Zilker Park, located in the heart of Austin, Texas. The weather in October can still get very hot and reach the mid-90s, but it’s also been known to rain. Pack sunscreen, closed-toe shoes rather than sandals, and cash.


 You can get on the ACL mailing list for early ticket access and the best prices (tickets go fast). A mobile app offers line ups and maps closer to the festival. Pick up a hard copy of the Austin Chronicle, which publishes a great printed guide to the music.