The Labor Day In The US

Labor Day fun and Groove

There is nothing you wont see in the United States, nothing at all and thats why is the fun and liberty nation. Anything that gives a worker or a student a little ease off from work and academics is celebrated and celebrated real hard. Like the summer break, which is the school holidays that come as a short break in between an academic session. It is a big deal for high school and college students in the US and it is always a big opportunity to have that kind of fun you have been thinking of the whole year.

The Labor day is an event that comes up annually and is always held on every first Monday of September. It is an event used to mark the end of the summer season. The Labor day is a bit like Christmas in a sense, because some people see it as an opportunity to go on trips before the summer comes to an end, kids in school use it as an opportunity to throw parties and have fun before schools starts again. Sometimes to mark the event, sports events are organized, public arts and barbecues too.

labor day


Official Significance 

The Labor Day is actually a federal holiday in the US, and on the day, schools, business and all things of the sort are closed, and for the sports lovers, it signifies the start of a new football season. It is such a big deal that sometimes during this period, you find highways and airports congested. It fair on you if you have your own car because the public transport system dont usually follow have a stipulated schedule at this time. 

The History Of Labor Day

It was originally organised as a way to show appreciation to labor workers for their good works all year round, and it was first held in 1882. It officially became a holiday in 1894 and the during this time, the original plans was to organize a street parade, a sort of street carnival in appreciation of the trade and labor workers, and after the parade, a festival would also be hosted in honor of the same labor workers and their various families.

Time has changed and so has the Labor day, at least for those that really take advantage of it. It used to be a thing for workers, a day to rest and feel appreciated, but youngsters have stolen the shine and its no longer about the old folks anymore. If you happen to be in the US on the first Monday of September, then be assured that you are literally gonna have a blast, rest assured!