The Calabar Carnival In Nigeria

The Calabar Carnival In Nigeria

Home to the world’s biggest street party, the Calabar Carnival is a big party destination for adventure and fun seekers from all over the world. The Carnival runs for a whole month, from December 1 to December 31 every year and each single breaking day feels like the very first day. It was all in a bid to turn Cross River State into an international tourism center that paved way to the first edition of the Carnival in 2004, and since then it has grown from strength to strength, featuring bigger and better names in terms of fame both in the local and international entertainment industry.

The yearly Carnival in Calabar is one of the best festive experiences you would ever partake in. The wildness on the streets would sure catch the fancy and attention of the young, but there are also sights and experiences for the more matured and those with less crazy cravings. There are musical performances from some of the top artist in Nigeria and the U.S too, with Fat Joe, Nelly and Young Jeezy having performed in the Carnival in the Past.

Millions of people practically take to the streets during this carnival and if you dont have the best time of your life at the Carnival, then there might be something seriously wrong somewhere. The Carnival is prepared and designed to pleasure every eyes and mind, no matter who you are and where you are coming from.


Other Hot Spots and Fun Zones Worth Visiting in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

It is not for nothing that Calabar is considered one the best tourist and fascinating cities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Apart from the Carnival, Calabar also boosts of some other tourist attractions of equal or even more caliber, depending on how you want to look at it.

Tinapa Resort

The Tinapa Resort is a business and a leisure resort and one of the biggest hot spots and fun zones in the whole of Nigeria and is currently the biggest free trade zone in the whole of West Africa. It comprises a whole lot of leisure facilities like the Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, a 3 star Hotel with over 240 rooms, and is managed by one of the best hospitality managers in Africa – African Sun Hotels, South Africa. Tinapa also has an entertainment strip that contains Casinos, International Standard Restaurant, Pubs and a night club.

Marina Resort

The Marina, Calabar is located at the water mouth of Calabar, near an old slave trade site where many of the slaves that left Africa were sent back. It is presently a historically preserved site and a recreation center. It has a museum for slave history, there is a hotel, restaurant, a nightclub among other things.

Overall, there is non-stop fun to be had in Calabar all year round, so anytime you come visiting is a good time and the weather is always nice here too.


Hotels and Lodging Facilities In Calabar

  • Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort (Website

The Hotel surroundings alone would get you to switch into Holiday mode. It has some of the best facilities you would see in few hotels in Africa and is sure to offer the best lodging experience you would ever hope for on your Visit to Calabar, Nigeria. Everything from the amenities, rooms, to the staff and the services are all top notch. 

One of the top names that come up every time when you are talking about hospitality and holiday inns. The Transcorp has some good reviews in terms of its services, rooms, amenities and Food too. It also has a night club.

With a lot of greenery, the hotel is nature friendly and is known to be calm and peaceful with some great staff services.

  • Gomays Plaza Hotels & Galaxy Halls (Website)


These are some of the best hotels in Calabar, some are very expensive and others very affordable depending on class and modern amenities offered.

Getting To Calabar

By Air

There is no direct flight from Europe, Asia or America to Calabar, so you would have to board a flight to Lagos, then from there board another flight to Calabar. Some of the airlines that operate daily flights to Calabar are Aero Contractors, Virgin Nigeria and Arik Air. These airlines fly in to Calabar from all major cities in Nigeria. 

By Road

When you get to Lagos, you can choose to drive all the way to Calabar as the road is very nice, but the distance is an issue. From Lagos to Calabar via road would take approximately 11 hours, but if you are up for it and would use at a means to see some sights, then its better to board the most trusted transportation lines in Nigeria. ABC Transport and Young Shall Grow come to mind.




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