The Best Beaches & Resorts In Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with natural resources, but those resources aren’t limited to crude alone. The largest African nation is blessed also with some of the most beautiful beaches and natural tourist centers you would ever hope to see anywhere in the world. Even though the country is always on the news for the wrong reasons, foreigners still find it difficult staying away, thanks to the many tourist attractions the country has at its disposal.

These beaches and resorts offer party goers the perfect destination for all kinds of celebrations and fun trips they might want. The idea of partying on the beach, barefooted and in your bikinis is always something to cherish, especially if you are with friends and lovers. Even if you came alone, you could still make some new friends and have some of the best times possible, that is the beauty of having fun on the beach because everybody is everybody’s friend. 

Things You Need To Know When At Lagos Beaches.

  • Locals are always extra friendly to tourists and foreigners, and they are always looking to make friends with you and help you with things.
  • If you want to have the best of experiences, try and go to the beaches with company, the more the merrier. You could get a call girl to accompany you and would be so pleased to.
  • You would be seeing all kinds of people on the beach, but everybody is looking to have fun and nothing more, so wash your eyes because the ladies are sure to make it worth your while with some nice sampling.
  • Its better to come with the money you planned on spending and nothing more, to avoid any kinds of inconveniences.
  • The beer is very cheap in Nigeria, unless you are looking to pop some expensive wines, then you better be good for it.
  • Don’t go too deep into the water if you cant swim, because it might be difficult to see someone who knows how to swim in terms of emergency.
  • Stay grounded, dont give people the impression that you have so much money to spend, take precaution.


The Most Popular Beaches & Resorts In Lagos


  • Halemson Beach Resort

Halemson Beach Resort, located in the Ikaare Island, in Lagos, Nigeria is surrounded by some private owned resort which serves as both a measure to raise the standard of the beach to the highest standard possible and also a pulling factor for those looking to have fun at the best beach. Helmson is surrounded by MTN resort and the First Bank Resort. 

Halemson Resort is one of the best in tourism and party destinations, it provides tourists with a rich blend of the Nigerian natural beach island, Leisure boat cruises and seafood cuisines. They set out to meet the demands of individuals as well as groups of people who are looking for place of excitement and fun.

The Resort has at its disposal, some of the finest facilities a holiday inn could boast of, with great Restaurant/bar, Accommodation, Recreation. The restaurant serves both continental and African meals, so you cant just ask for more.

Whispering Palm is as beautiful as its name suggests, a place you can both rest and have fun depending on your state of mind. Very natural, with beach sand, palm trees and the chirp of birds filling the sweet Atlantic breeze. Whispering Palm gives you that feel of paradise here on earth and makes you wish you could have your vacation for a whole year. They also serve African and Continental dishes with exotic dishes such as coconut shrimps, Cantonese Chicken and Spanish Paella as some of the items on the Menu.

Same as the Lagos Bar beaches and it derives its name from the Kuramo Lake that borders it. This beach has over the years become a hot spot, home to various relaxation outlets, seaside bars, soup kitchens barbecue joints etc.

There is also a variety of musical shows and jamborees staged at one time or the other. Kuramo is a fertile place to unwind and relax.






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