Port Harcourt Carnival, Rivers State, Nigeria.


Carniriv as it is popularly known is one of Africa’s largest Carnivals and it is Nigeria’s Oldest Carnival, as its maiden edition was the famous CARINIRIV’ 88 in 1988. Since then, the subsequent Carnivals that have been hosted in Portharcourt have always been called CARNIRIV. The CARNIRIV is a very special kind of Carnival which combines the normal traditional Carnival with the Caribbean style of Carnival.

CARNIRIV  is one of Nigeria’s biggest tourism export, as it attracts people from far and wide since its maiden edition in ’88. When its on, then you know its on as people troop out in mass onto the streets to party and celebrate. The Ceremony is ushered in with beautiful fireworks which lighten up the skies for minutes.

If you love African culture and traditional exhibition, then you would love what is on show in the CARNIRIV Carnival as there are many art exhibitions and other cultural display of rhythm and dance.


The carnival and what it means to the people

The carnival may have been modernized in a way, but it still holds some traditional as well as some sacred values to the people of Rivers State, Nigeria. River State is known as a land of Masquerades in Nigeria, and what better way to exhibit the best Masquerades  than in a carnival of such big statue. The people utilize this opportunity to show visitors and tourists what they got, with some beautiful and intricate cultural dances and masquerade displays. In some editions, like that of last year, 2014, guest
cultural troops from Malaysia and South Africa were invited to take part and perform in the Carnival. The Carnival always takes place a week before Christmas lasts for another week, ushering in unrivaled fun and entertainment. 














The best time to come to Portharcourt

Portharcourt is a west African country and is known for some very harsh weather, but the best times to be in Portharcourt for a tourist and a traveler happens to coincide with the time of the Carnival, which is around December, when the there is little sun and the weather is almost always cold, because the city is a coastal city, with lots of water surrounding it. The weather at this period is nice and tolerable, with the carnival going on and some very popular nightclubs and bars around, its never a dull time in Portharcourt. 

The Carnival and Lodging services

Unfortunately, there are no free lodging services rendered when you are in Portharcourt, but not to worry as there are some really good hotels, some are actually 5 star rated and would give you the best of hospitality experiences. 

  • Swiss International Hotel ( Website)

A top class Hotel that has everything a modern day hotel should, from very nice restaurant to world class swimming pool, bar and gym, with higly paid staff who are always at your beck and call.


  • Best Western Premier Port Harcourt Hotel ( Website)

Gives guests a taste of the European Hospitality. The hotel is a literal comfort home and you couldn’t ask for more. Beautiful, cozy, safe and affordable.


  • Golden Tulip Port Harcourt Hotel ( Website)

Golden Tulip is truly wonderful, great view, great swimming pool and their facilities are top notch. You wouldn’t want to spend your night elsewhere once you visit the Tulips.


  • Novotel Port Harcourt ( Website)

One look at Novotel, and you would know it has class, and coming up close and checking out the interior, then you would be sure you couldn’t have been wrong. It has a standard gym, swimming pool, a bar, and a restaurant that serves french dishes, local and intercontinental delicacies. 

With these very beautiful hotels and so many more, a comfortable stay in Port Harcourt is assured. Though you need to be take note that most of these hotels aren’t cheap, and your convenience depends on how deep your pocket is.

Getting to Port Harcourt.

By Air

The best and most convenient way to get to Port Harcourt from anywhere in Europe, The Americas and Asia is by air. Your Flight would land at the international airport in Lagos, and from there you can take a local flight down to Port Harcourt or come through public road transit, but it is not advisable since the distance is far and the road is not so great.







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