Party Destinations In Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the commercial and entertainment hub of Nigeria and this is the very reason why it is the home to the best Night clubs and Party Destinations in Nigeria. It is often termed an enjoyment city because of how much the locals love partying and urbanization gave further rise to population and ultimately more party lovers in the city, both locals and visitors alike.

From beach parties to high class nightclubs and bars, Lagos has it all and when its time to party, these party destinations hardly disappoint. Also when you want to take a break from the partying, there are hotels and guest houses with infrastructures and amenities that would simply blow your mind.

If you are coming to Lagos alone or with your partner or family, be prepared to have your mind blown, but your pocket needs to be rich because most of the very good nightclubs are sort of expensive since they are mostly patronized by celebrities in the music Industry, local and international.

                              POPULAR PARTY DESTINATIONS IN LAGOS


Club Quliox is the number one celebrity nightclub in Lagos with constant patronage from arrays of stars and celebrities from the entertainment industries. It is the nightclubs for the ‘Big Boys’ and also attracts celebrities of international standard who happen to be in town and decided to come party and blow off some steam. Akon, Dbanj, Tuface are some of the faces you would always see partying at Club Quilox. The club could also be booked and closed down just for your private event, depending on how deep your pocket is. Quilox has some of the best DJs in the country, obviously given its standard in Nigeria’s Hospitality and Tourism sector.FireShot Screen Capture #025 - 'Quilox I Home' - www_clubquilox_com_club

  • The New Afrika Shrine 


This is the Home of the late Legendary Afro-Juju singer, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, where also was where he did some of his live performances where he would take his cloths off one after the other as he sings and in no time, he would be just in his underwear and still singing. Years after his death, this place which used to be known as the Kalakuta Shrine was renovated by his sons with the help of the Government since the Late Fela was a popular figure in the country. Today, it is now the New Afrika Shrine, was the African culture and tradition is celebrated. Make no mistake about it, this Shrine offers pure undiluted fun. There is live performance of African music, and to make things interesting, the sale and use of Marijuana is totally legal within the confines of the Afrika Shrine. So here, you could light up, smoke up, listen to some good African music and watch some beautiful African women shaking what their mamma gave them.  Fela's shrine


Lagos is a fun city, it is also not for slackers so you need to open your eyes when you are in Lagos, because there’s a lot of people willing to take advantage of your slacking…

  • Dont move around in the town all alone, the city is friendly to foreigners but it is still willing to take advantage of you, because foreigners are seen as rich, so the girls you see out in the streets especially are almost always cunning.
  • Lagos is very cheap to live in, food and clothing are cheap and life in the night is just like life in the morning. This means that Lagos as a city is always awake, there are no sleeping times.
  • You could always spend and buy things in your foreign currency but for caution sake, its better you change to the local currency which is the Naira. In lagos and Nigeria as a whole, $1 could buy you a bottle of beer and another $1 would buy you a packet of cigarette.
  • Lagos is the center of everything entertainment happening in Nigeria, so you might have a run in with a few local and international celebrities.
  • There are cheap hotels and lodging facilities where you could spend within $20-$40 per night, so if you have it in mind to stay for long but dont have the pocket for it, then you need to consider lodging cheap.


Arriving in Lagos 

By Air

Lagos has an international Airport (MMIA), so if you are coming from anywhere in the world to Lagos, its quite easy.




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