Party Destination in Cuba

This is the city of Havana, Cuba, the home of party, Cigar, Rum, Salsa dance and highlife activities. The city of Havana, Cuba is the city of entertainment, city of fun, and enjoyment.

Havana is also noted for its architectural designs, edifice, culture and its history. The city can often be categorized as three cities in one: the newer urban districts, the old Havana and Vedado.  

As a first timer in Havana, Cuba and you are searching for any party destination in that particular Caribbean city, well you need not to look further or be disturbed.  Havana will guarantee you a comfortable time out and fun filled time in Cuba. Havana as one of the top party destinations in the world attracts visitors from all parts of the world.

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  • Havana carnival


The city of Havana boasts of very many party destinations for fun seekers and lovers of social activities and gathering. One of the ways by which the city used to reach out and promote their culture and their wide range of social activities for all to see, is the Havana carnival.

Havana carnival is the most popular celebration and the most sought after occasion in the city. It usually takes place between July and August of every year.

People from all parts of the world come to witness the serene nature of the event, and as well take part in one or two activities of the carnival.

The event usually incorporates the children’s carnival and the Chinese traditions an important aspect of the Cuban nation.

So for those looking for party destination in Havana, the carnival surely never disappoints.


  • The Havana Malecon


Are you a party freak person and you love to hang out and have fun at night? Have you been looking for a nice party destination place to be especially at night to catch your fun? Well you have it there in Malecon de Havana.

Night life in the city of Havana can’t be equated with any of its kind in fun catching, partying and enjoyment. There’s just magic in the night because the people both the locals and the partying foreigners in their midst never lost their passion for partying despite the economic hardship in the country.

In the Malecon de Havana, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is never a dull moment in Havana. This is the place to be for fun seekers and the night crawlers.

On these days, the city is so crowded that you can be stuck up in the traffic for God knows when. But the good thing is that you’ll join in the fun and interact with the locals as close as it can get.

If you’ve never been to Havana, Cuba and you want to join in the elite group of those that have been? Or you are looking for a party destination in Havana, try and give it a shot at the Havana Malecon. You will be glad you did.



  • Do you intend to come to any party destination in Havana and you are the type of person that walks around carelessly with your bag, purse and wallet? Be ready to be among those that will be counted as victims of pick pocketing and purse snatching. Especially for the ladies, never you go around exposing your purse because you might lose it, if you go to any bad neighborhood that is notorious for petty theft. This is usually witnessed in any densely populated and tourist areas. Be smart, wise and most importantly be vigilant.


  • There are as many swindlers in the Havana, Cuba. They usually come to you as a tour guide and they will offer their services to you free of charge. They will propose to offer you a product and to you it will sound nice, but to them, that’s an avenue to steal from you. Their usual targets are the tourists in the city. Do not be cajoled or brain washed but rather be vigilant and mindful of the people you deal business with.










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