Oxford Street Carnival, Ghana



Ghana is one of the African countries who are well known for their wealth in culture and tradition. Very diverse and warm, the cultures and traditions of Ghana can only be compared in every sense to that of Nigeria, and both countries are the true mothers of Africa.

The recently concluded Berlin Carnival was rocked hard by the presence of Ghana, who won lots of prizes in some of the events sports and games, which goes a long way to show that they are fun lovers and if the opportunity to host a carnival in Ghana arises, you bet it is going to be the talk of the moment.

The oxford street in Ghana is the boiling point of all that happens in the Accra city center. The street is the most popular and its in fact the commercial hub of the country’s capital with most businesses and important offices situated there. The people of Ghana seem to have taken advantage of the popularity of the street and created a Carnival in its name, a Carnival that attracts millions of people from within and outside the country of Ghana.

Given that the country is quite reputable in the international tourism sphere, at least because of its participation in most international carnivals, like the Berlin Carnival mentioned earlier, Carnivals hosted in Ghana also witness a large turnout from tourists and visitors who might have known what it is like having Ghana present at a Carnival.

The Oxford Street Carnival was launched in 2012 and it has been consistent every since, and the number of visitors grows at every edition, which causes the organizers to always tweak and reorganize things in anticipation of a bigger turn out.

You know the Carnival is always going to be fun and a place to be when you hear that the Minister for tourism in the country officially invites countries like Brazil, Australia, Canada, China, India and many others. It is always a fun parked carnival.


 What to expect at the Oxford Street Carnival

  • You will have the rare opportunity to behold a fine collection of beautiful black African ladies
  • Expect to be blown away with fun and excitement.
  • Lots of foreigners from Europe, Asia and South america
  • There’s going to be lots of girls and lots of drinking too
  • Its going to be crowded, best guide your valuables.
  • After the carnival, the fun doesn’t really end, so you might decide to extend your stay, so come with some money for lodging and food.
  • The local delicacies are delicious, so be ready to get addicted.


How to get to Ghana

By Air

Ghana has no international railway and coming into the country by bus is impossible unless from neighboring countries like Nigeria, so coming in by air is the best possible means.

All international flights come through Kotoka International Airport, Accra and that is where your plane would land and you can board one of the airport taxis to your destination. 




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