Night life Destinations in Africa

Getting Abreast With What Africa Has To Offer

You might be embarrassed by what you would see if you assume that night life in Africa is nonexistent or just tired, but you would be completely blown away by some of the crazy fun and party atmosphere that most African pasty destinations are capable of. It might not make the news and become a craze on the internet, but it is proven that when it comes to throwing some of the best raw, undiluted and mouth watering party, Africa is really representing.

There are a lot of fun places, though they might night be popular to foreigners, but when you stumble into them, then you would be hugely pleased and surprised at the same time.

Coconuts – Maputo, Mozambique
Must be one of the very best nightclubs and party zone in Africa and it is where the big boys and the Crème de la crème come to hang out and have fun. The building is very large and can easily contain up to 1,000 clubbers. It also has 3 dance floors, so you can imagine how big a club we are talking about here. The club opens on Fridays and Saturdays, and it has swimming pool and bars, with the DJs blasting some crazy hip-hop tunes all night long to keep you going.










Black Diamond – Nairobi,Kenya
The Black Diamond combines elegantly, the mixture of events and international crowds and its arguably one of the most modernized place in Africa where you can experience the most outstanding nightlife. Black Diamond is a favorite stomping ground for call girls and hookers which is down to the popularity of the Club. The DJs there are really skillful and they play some nice tunes all night long which gets everybody shaking and dancing.




Le Villa – Lome, Togo
Le Villa is the centerpiece for nightlife, with music sounding off and getting so loud into the night, it calls for nothing else but dance and more dance. The street where Le Villa is located at is filled with vibrant bars, and the guests at those bars always see Le Villa as the Last stop after some shots might have been downed and the whole body fit and set for an all night dancing and shouting and partying. The Club echoes some original electronic beats and modern music. For the best crazy night ever, don’t look past Le Villa if you are in Kenya


Labadi Beach, Accra – Ghana
Here, you are allowed to join the beach rave or even the reggae and just have fun, and it goes down every other Wednesday. The beach is located at the eastern part of the city center, right in the heart of the town and you can get your hands on lots of cheap party wares like sachet gin which sells not more than a few Dollar cents equivalence in the country’s currency.





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