Nassau Paradise Island, Bahamas

nassau beaches-gallery-7Nassau Paradise Island is easily the most popular Island Resort in the Bahamas, with a lot of History to go with it, the Island has passed through phases and through generations and it is still here and still the most beautiful as well as the most prestigious of all the Islands in The Bahamas. The Island was formerly known as Hog Island and is located offshore of the city of Nassau with an area of 277 hectares and 2.8 kilometers. The Island used to be owned by a Swedish entrepreneur by the name of Axel Wenner-Gren, and that was before the Second Wold War, back when it was known as Hog Island.

What To Do On The Nassau Paradise Island

Nassau Paradise Island just wasn’t called a paradise by mistake, because life here is just straight out of Disneyland’s script of happily ever after. It is the best party, relaxation, vacation trip destination, you would just run out of words trying to describe Nassau Paradise Island. A proof of how special the Island is, is how many Iconic Hollywood movies the Island and its gorgeous beaches have appeared in, from Pirates of The Caribbean and Casino Royal to the Thunderbolt. On the Island, there are….

Tourists and Vacationers patronize the Paradise Island more often than not, and it is a vacation destination for those looking to spend their Labor day weekend and holiday as well as summer vacation trips and wedding ceremonies.





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