Best Destinations for Young People

When putting together a travel itinerary, the destinations that draw young people would be different than for any other age demographic. While people in older age groups may look at destinations that have some sort of cultural interest or a more relaxing vibe, youngsters typically look for places that are vibrant, high in energy, and have an active night life. While there are many cities in the world that have all these features, there are some cities that stand out from the rest and call to youngsters all over the world like a beacon. Which are these cities that should be on the must-visit list for young people around the world? Here are some of them.

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Bangkok, Thailand: This must be a no-brainer for most youngsters who have heard of the amazing nightlife, friendly locals, great street food (as well as gourmet food) as well as the amazing value for money that the city of Bangkok offers for foreign tourists. Whether you are a backpacker (in which case Khao San Road will be irresistible) or a high-flying young professional (in which case dance clubs in Sukhumvit and the upscale rooftop bars will be places to unwind), Bangkok has something for every budget.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The glamorous night life hub of Brazil, this city has much to offer youngsters, whether it is amazing night life or adventure sports to get your adrenalin rushing.

Berlin, Germany: This would have to be the nightclub capital of the world, what with nightclubs having a queue of people waiting to get in even at 9 a.m., and most clubs operating 24/7.

Ibiza, Spain: This is a must-visit for every youngster who is heavily into the party scene. From beach parties to parade floats to dancing all night under the stars to the best of DJs and music, you can’t beat the lure of Ibiza. Head over to other parts of Spain for more partying, such as Barcelona, Sao Paulo, and Madrid. After all, Spain has not been called the party capital of Europe for nothing!

Melbourne, Australia: With a nightclub scene that has been thriving for decades and balmy weather outdoors, this is the place to party whether it is indoors or out.

Tokyo, Japan: The city of Tokyo is known for its diverse array of nightclubs and experiences that are sure to be one-in-a-million for the discerning youngster.

Marrakech, Morocco: For youngsters who like the hint of the exotic, Marrakech is the place to be. For luxurious and affordable party experiences in the seat of exoticism, nothing can beat Morocco.

Cape Town, South Africa: From stunning beaches to rock bars featuring every type of music from rock to grunge, this city is famous for Long Street, where you can find a never ending stretch of club or pubs, making the term club hopping a reality!

Miami, USA: From beaches to pubs, this is one city that has everything you are looking for-from music to alcohol to hot singles!



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